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03.17.06 01:05 AM

lean wit it rock wit it

even before the oscar win of three six mafia, i began to notice that any music containing the 808 (Roland TR-808), synth blips, snaps, and the bounce, as well as any hint of southern slanging drawl was becoming a hit nationwide. but of course it's not just the head-nodding beats making this music affective tales of crack and cocaine make for good hip-hop music too.

the stickiness factor of much of this type of music is aided and abetted by the fact that the song is often named after a dance step, or that some dance step is created for the song's music video. of course it doesn't hurt to have the polysyllabic-spitting busta rhymes featured on the remix either.

observation 1: it's a saturday afternoon at the foot locker on 125th street. dem franchize boyz - lean wit' it rock wit' it video appears on multiple tv screens throughout the store. there's a freeze in action. everyone stops shopping and starts staring at the television - in a trance. employees and customers alike are glued to the tube. a gaggle of young girls start working their own version of the dance in the corner. things don't return to normal until the video ends. even i find myself caught in the trap.

observation 2: go to any club and hear the dj mix any combination of big boi's purple ribbon allstars "kryptonite," rick ross's "hustlin'," shawnna's "gettin' some," bow wow's "fresh azimiz," and anything by dem franchize boyz, d4l, or three six mafia and the party is sure to jump for several hours. let the dj put on kanye west or black eyed peas and watch the floor clear. (but let's clarify for a second...let this dance club be a dance club primarily attended by african-american, afro-caribbeans, or latino revelers and the party will jump. if it's primarily filled with white attendees then kanye and the peas will be de rigueur.)

bonus: listen to Rick Ross - Hustlin'

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