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02.03.06 04:00 PM

last night's rewind

so last night seemed as if it were going to be pretty special. at least i knew i was on the list for the prince debuts tamar event, if nothing else. i knew i was going b/c i had confirmed it with the press agent with a phone call, just to make sure it was legit and that i had a + 1. so what at the eleventh hour i couldn't find one single person to go with me.

just after posting last night though, i received an im from john threat. just what i needed, a jeep rider to ride with for the night. we hadn't hung in a while so this was going to be cool on several fronts.

while threat and i were getting our itinerary together, i got an email from ian, i was also going to be in the miss 60/kelis joint, minus a + 1 of course. but this was still major. everyone's been trying to get into that party all week.

for me though, it was going to be a grand night. i rarely go out anymore, and i suppose one of the reasons i never really go out anymore is because it appears that murphy's law is attached to me with the same indelibility as my tatts. i can't shake off "if anything can go wrong it will" -- for nothing. i especially couldn't shake it off last night.

so threat and i agreed to meet up @ the industry cosgin weekly mixer @ 9, of course he wasn't there @ 9, but it was cool. i happened to know some folks outside the venue and we chatted it up for several minutes, and i even met this new rap cat named esso who is about to drop major heat with sicamore.

when threat finally arrives we decide to go inside to grab snack and libations. halt. we don't do this, b/c the mandatory $1 coat check is killing us. no not the $1 fool, the mandatory coat check part. so off we bounce to miss 60/kelis. things look a little unorganized at the time and the line a little 2 lengthy for our pleasures. halt.

we spin back to the mandatory coat check joint and after a few phone calls and barganing with the party hosts, we get in w/out the mandatory. snacks and libations were splendid. and we even got our tab covered, w/out asking it be so. we chat with industry heads - but all i'm thinking in my head, all i wanted all night, was an opportunity to possibly catch prince perform. the tamar introductions i'm sure woulda' been cool, but all i was thinking about was his short purpleness. in fact that was the only reason i was even out at all.

remember - "if anything can go wrong it will?" well it did. dead halt. at the theater, the list was checked numerous times, the tickets at will call as well - and neither my name or my company name could be found. livid. i texted a quip to the pr agent. i keep forgetting that everyone and their mother owns either a sidekick or a blackberry now, and didn't expect the immediate response. said pr agent was also livid. but couldn't explain. promised it wouldn't happen to me at other events. cool. but not so cool.

meanwhile, i had forgotten that i had tried to reach the miss 60/kelis connect as well as my trusty spin allies who were on the inside to find out what was what over there. i had already missed kelis it appeared and there was no way i was getting a + 1 in there.

so why did i go out again?

making the best of the best, threat and i went back to bk for a drink. but why is it that i can't get a drink in bk w/out seeing either someone who works for my company, who used to work for my company, or is related to my company in some way? it just doesn't happen. ever.

it was good to spend time with threat, but really, to be really, really, totally, brutally honest --- my ass shoulda' just gone straight home from work.

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