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04.13.04 07:21 PM

kill bill vol.2 - the violence continues

i'd love to tell you what i think of this movie since i saw the screening last night. but i don't want to give the story away. though you probably already know the story. the violence is not quite as over-the-top as it was in vol. 1 but it definitely exists. and if you were one of those kids who grew up in my era, you'll appreciate the karate movie aspect this time around cuz it will take you back to saturday afternoons after soul train when you put on the karate flix. funny with all the violence though, there's enough humor, and the script overall comes off really intelligent. acting - splendid. soundtrack - rza puts it down again. and this volume gets a lot more western with it than the last. i think the last was more asian focused. even the music seems to tilt more toward the blaxploitation and western genres.

there's more story in this installment and more compassion. we get real pictures of our characters, something that was totally lacking in the first pass which seemed to focus on chick's fury and the violence. here we really get a story, and lots of background story, and even a glimpse into the future. i wish i could say more, but i don't want to spoil it for anyone.

after it opens, maybe i'll say a hell of a lot more.

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