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11.19.01 09:00 AM

just got an Omar import

It's called Omar, Best by Far. It's so funkeeee! I was having a terrible day, but then this CD came along and got me out of the darkness. I've always thought he was an excellent singer/songwriter. Black brits just don't get the respect in the US that they should. I mean, musically, this CD is better than anything released in the states. It's got that funk vibe like Curtis Mayfield, back to the '70s. Even did a remake of, "Be Thankful," featuring Angie Stone. She even sounds better here than she does on some of her own stuff. There's even a little bit of the Bossa Nova sound along the lines of Sergio Mendes and Brasil. To think all the Brits are exporting on the popular music level is two-step. And well, Jay Kay. Sheesh!

Wrote this late last night:

Got a taste of Bass/ In aural space/ Frontal lobe/ Probed/ By abstrakt/ riddims And/ Breaking beats/ Tinkering cymbals/ Boom Bapping/ Hand clapping/ Textured and layered/ Like multicolored/ Kaleidoscopic/ spectrums/ I dissect them/ Weaving words/ Through dissonance/ Sonics/ Polyrhythmic chords/ Make fuel/ For discourse/ Lyrical intercourse/ Divorce/ Beat from metaphor/ Get lost in/ Dirty dozens/ And disses/ Dismiss that/ No nonsense variety/ Articulating/ Nothing but/ Bitches and ho's/ Juice and gin/ Bling bling dreams/ And/ Rolling on dubs/ I loves/ My people/ Their rhythm/ Makes me dance/ But I ought/ To be slapped/ For tapping my toes/ To sundry woes/ Calling me out my name/ Shaming my game/ Putting blame/ To my frame/ Can't explain/ Why I can't/ Counter program/ The nigga tube/ Got me glued/ To the BET screen/ I should scream/ Bootys shaking/ Naked clad/ I should be sad/ Animalistic Nature 101/ war on my brain/ Wasted/ Insane

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