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04.18.04 09:10 PM

just back from seattle

last week was a very hectic week for me, as you can see by the posts i've been putting out.

thursday i got to meet rocka, and it was a wonderful lunch meeting. we talked about writing, and bloggers (what else right?) and for those of you who want to know, he is attractive, and oh yeah, stylish. would say more, but i'm speed blogging right now as i'm extremely tired.

thursday night i went to see black eyed peas and n.e.r.d. with my boy chan. i want to write a review of that show and i have pics to go with it, but it will probably end up on my gig's site, so i'll link it here. all i can say right now is that fergie not only has a dope body, she can actually imitate a black woman in the gospel choir riffing quite well. i have a question though, isn't the black eyed peas really just and fergie? and prior to her joining the crew, wasn't it really just what do those other two do anyway? yeah, ok, they dance. but what else.

n.e.r.d. had all the young white folks in hysterics and like the beyonce show i went to last week, when the jigga man came out to spit his verse, the crowd was in uproar. overall, pharrell did his thing. but uh, yeah, more on that later.

i woke up mad early on friday to catch a plane to attend emp pop conference. i enjoyed it even more this year than i did the last. there was a lot more diversity in presentations and the presentations were more vibrant. o-dub was one of the organizers and i think he did a tremendous job. somehow i feel he was partly responsible for the bulk of the diverse presentations. and my boy jeff chang really put it down with his panel on the ghetto brothers (it was a pre-hiphop history of the bronx gangs and the former leader of the ghetto brothers had great stories and good music too). i'm going to be the first in line when his book comes out. jeff's that is.

well, i really have to get some rest. let's hope my week doesn't get too crazy and i come back and revisit some of these topics with full analysis. but for now, i'm couching with the sopranos.

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