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12.22.06 08:59 PM

John Ridley on the Modern American Nigger

Yeah, I know. But wait.

So someone sends me this link to an Esquire essay titled, "The Manifesto of Ascendancy for the Modern American Nigger." Before I even read the essay, I wanted to know who the writer was. It says, "By John Ridley." That didn't ring any bells. Not at first anyway. But a little searching put me in line.

I must be living in the darkness.

The bio, in a nutshell, reads:

"a former producer on NBC's Third Watch, he wrote and produced the film Undercover Brother, conceived the story for Three Kings, and wrote and directed Cold Around the Heart. His critically acclaimed novel Stray Dogs was made into the movie U-Turn, directed by Oliver Stone. In addition, he is also a regular commentator for National Public Radio."

Oh yeah. I remember where I've seen him, over at The Huffington Post.

But a Google Blog Search and Technorati Search reveal there hasn't been many posts about his essay. I saw maybe one or two. Same with a recent commentary he had at Huffington Post on Michael Richards.

So now, I figure I can read the article. I know, why do I have to do all of that background research before even reading the thing. I haven't even formed an opinion yet, but I'm of the mind that you need to know a little bit of whom you're reading, before you read. Not to bring any judgments with you when you're reading. Its mainly for perspective...the understanding of perspective that is.

So I'm going to read it now. Maybe you want to also, that is if you haven't already.

Ok, I'm back on vacation.

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