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02.21.05 04:44 PM

john lee finally has a blog

i've been meaning to post about this since adding him to my blogfam listing - if you don't know who john lee is, let me give you a quick history lesson

1. He was one of the first black faces to appear on a cover of WIRED back in dec '94 for being a major hacker

2. Then in the urban boom of the days, john did this anonymous stealth launch of, under the pseudonym Crispus Attucks. it was one of the most visited and talked about sites in its days - it was a major headache to and for various urban media properties

3. In 2004 John penned a dramatic essay for, entiteld "Blogging While (Anti) Black" that caused much heated controversy

These are just a few of the things that's gotten this cat from Brooklyn noticed on the media radar - there are far too many things about John to mention - you'd have to know him to know him

Perhaps you should visit his blog cobbled together by his own method of php - it figures he'd not be one to use one of those out-the-box blogger templating software systems

I guess it's time to post my original interview with him over at my other space

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