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11.28.04 11:48 PM

JOHH asks: “Hip-hop in Education: Still Finding Its Way”

The Scholar’s Cipher is a recurring article in the Journal of Hip-hop where we survey the Hip-hop community, educators and practitioners, on a particular issue pertaining to Hip-hop and academia. In our inaugural issue, we have chosen to pose the question: “Hip-hop in Education: Still Finding Its Way” Many schools have courses which use Hiphop as a secondary topic (i.e. Marketing and Hip-hop), and increasingly full classes on Hip-hop have sprouted up in African-American Studies, Sociology, English (to name a few) departments across the nation. In this article, we hope to highlight the progress of Hip-hop in academia.

Please answer the following questions in 2 to 3 sentences each. Please respond via email
to We ask you respond by December 1, 2004.

Background Info:
Courses you have taught on Hip-hop (where)
Courses you have taken on Hip-hop (where)

1. What qualifies the inclusion of Hip-hop culture as a viable topic of study in education? Your answer may address all levels of education or a particular level (i.e. college)

2. How have you included Hip-hop in your academic scholarship (teaching or research)?

3. Should bounds be placed on how Hip-hop is used in the classroom? Are their topics native to Hip-hop which are inappropriate for study?

4. What was your first educational experience (as a student or teacher) involving Hip-hop?

5. In terms of student engagement, how does the inclusion of Hip-hop change the classroom dynamic?

6. If someone were starting a Hip-hip library, what Hip-hop book, CD, and film would you recommend they start their collection with?

7. What is your favorite website for Hip-hop related commentary?

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