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07.20.06 04:44 PM

jam on it

if you came of age in the 80s as i did, then you'll know what i'm talking about here. there was a brief time in musical history where electro-pop was that s***. take my word for it. break kids uprocked to it. lock and poppers, well, locked and popped to it. rollerskaters - rollerskated to it. and some like me, did that mad crazy freestyle thing.

so if that electro swing was your thing then you know who newcleus is. well if you don't know newcleus is or what their hit "jam on it" sounds like then stop reading this post b/c you'll definitely have no use for what i'm about to tell you next.

newcleus 24 track studio rough mixes - for free download - here (thanks for the link ethan)

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