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06.27.04 10:06 PM

i've got a new site

not like i'll ever have time to work on it. not like i've decided what i'm going to do with it. i'm using PMachine (the free version) for now. i've been looking at some free templates here, because i don't need this site to be overdesigned. i just need it to be as simple as possible. though i will need a logo and a few other things.

anyway go check it out, and remember i said it's boring right now.


addendum: unfortunately, the weblog css is not working right in mozilla-based browsers on the mac - only IE. i haven't had the opp to see what it looks like on pc yet. and i also purposely have not opened up commenting yet. it's just a placeholder until i figure out what i want to do with it. the entire site is supposed to have a black background with white text and blue links - that's the home page and the weblog portion. pMachine seems pretty easy to figure out, but i might at some point want to turn it into a portal so i might have to beef up and go with one of the nuke plug ins.


check back here for further developments with

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