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08.10.07 05:36 PM

It's Been A Great Year

Next week I turn an undisclosed age, one that is seen by many as a milestone. One that many, once they get there, never reveal. I don't mind about all of that, and truth be told if you knew me personally, or ever met me face-to-face, you know that I'd tell you in an instant.

But it's not the chronological that matters. It's the spirit and the life (in terms of living it to its fullest). And I can truly say that I've been blessed. I've jumped over many hurdles in the years I've lived, and as I get older, I realize that all problems are really not problems at all.

Sorry that's the Zen in me trying to come out. You see, I believe in The 4 Noble Truths, that basically amount to this:

      Suffering is universal
      The origin of suffering is attachment
      The cessation of suffering is attainable
      Path to the cessation of suffering is detachment

Do I always practice it? No, of course not. But knowing it makes the life I've been living a lot easier. But enough of that. Let me get to the great year.

Well, not exceptionally great -- but just good great. The kind of great in a way that it's not about big or grand things, but just about appreciating every aspect of your life and getting in touch with the sensations of your life.

The past month, though, has been exceptional.

  • My mother and I are probably closer than we've ever been, with a friendship based on trust and honesty. I even managed to spend the night at her home and spend an entire day with her without wanting to leave.
  • I was able to send my niece to driving school for 12 lessons, plus 5 hour class and road test. When I first started this blog she was probably around 10 or 11, and now she's a fine young woman -- who still wants to hang out with me because she thinks I'm cool.
  • All of my mentees have gone on to do great and wonderful work in the world, and I still have a relationship with them all. You all know who you are, especially the ones I just saw at the party this week.
  • Under pressure, I ended up writing a chapter for a friend's book, and it actually came out pretty decent. Since writing that 50 Cent piece and that article on urban fiction in Vibe -- way back -- I've been thinking my writing was becoming mediocre. But this latest piece reveals that I still have a gift of some sort.
  • I just came back from holiday in Brasil, which happens to be the only dream destination I've ever had in my life. And to top it off the trip was a surprise.
  • I was given a diamond ring. (And yes, that is exactly in the context that you're speculating it's in.)


  • And though I've seen her in concert before -- she the hardest working woman in showbiz -- I'm going to see BeyoncĂ© @ Trump Plaza in AC tomorrow. I expect this concert to be better than the last because the album has a lot more energy. I just hope she doesn't fall down the steps or anything.

I'm sure I could tally up many more blessings, especially if I think of just the little things that have made me smile over the past year. Sure there have been setbacks and mishaps and misunderstandings, but overall, life ain't too bad.

I could set some goals a bit, you know, like work out more, write more, rest more, love more. Shit like that. Though, right now, all I want to do is be happy and live.

Now let's just hope I make it until next week.

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