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12.05.01 06:57 PM

It is so summer and...

It is so summer and I'm loving it. Can't love it too much, gots work ta' do. Too much of it to mention. Anyway, not listening to anything new and interesting this week. Although I did get the new Prince disc. Sometimes being a writer has a few perks. Translation, I got Prince for free. Get to review it for NY Press. Hope my review makes the cut.

On another note, last night I saw some beautiful art. Here in Brook'nam, a new spot opened up called Lou Lou's restaurant. It used to be a bodega/mini mart. What a change! It's a beautiful little French café. And when I say little, I mean little. But it was spacious enough for the art showing. nikki terry, an artist I met a few years back and hooked up with writing for Mosaic, is now also a painter. The works are so colorful and well, sexual. At least they made me think of sex. Each painting looked as if it had some part of a woman's anatomy in it. I hope nikki keeps her promise and lets me write a poem or meditation for that one painting we had a discussion about, it's called, well not sure it's what it's called, but when I told nikki which piece inspired me, she said, " blue asses and tits with a yellow sun and a blue moon." So, I guess that's it.

Took the big bro with me, and he had fun. The champagne was fruity and quite bubbly. Yum, yum! The big bro, Brett D. Johnson (aka Duval), is also the producer and director of Mosaic Live, which airs on BCAT in Brook'nam. I think he and Ron, from Mosaic and Bronx Museum, are going to try and get that show on a five borough run. At least in the Boogie Down, since that's where Ron's repping from. They were planning their next episode while we were at nikki's art show. Just hope big bro one day takes that Canon XL1 of his and makes a film. I know he will, he's already turned one of my short stories into a screenplay. Maybe he'll start shooting it soon. After nikki's art showing, we stepped over to the Brooklyn Moon and got my dinner to go. Mike's got these $5 specials he's been running since 911. While there, I ran into Lenny and Terrence, two wonderful photographers. Also saw some cats I went to undergrad with there. Ray Hands, you know the guy with the hats that you see all over the city, was up in the spot too. You just gotta' love Brook'nam, there's no place like it!

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