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12.11.04 01:02 AM

ISPs are so dead

so now that i've finally gotten my dsl again in my new apt - i'm feeling all cocky - as if i can live solely off of gmail and my web host - since my dsl provider is not my ISP

i've got one of those other mega ISPs - and no not aol - that i've had for years, but who needs to spend all the extra $$$ especially when most ISPs charge you extra oodles just to get decent storage or webhosting if they even offer it besides hotmail and yahoo have both increased to 250MB free, which still can't compete with gmail's gig

but totally expiriring my isp - i don't cuz if dsl ever bonks out or i move again and have to go w/out service for awhile - dial up would be nice

but damn i forgot during those time periods you can always use one of those free offers from behemoth A, B, or C just to get the dial up until you've got your dsl or cable again

at first i didn't see the big deal about gmail, but lo and behold i finally agree with mr. jt - and have basically realized it's the only way to do email - unfortunately, i used up my last invite on myself, b/c i didn't like my original username

and you've just made a trip inside my head - as i was thinking to myself

but seriously, come jan 1 - i'll probably dead the ISP and only use my own domain and gmail for email - the email switch will happen whether i dead the ISP or not - the spam is outrageous - so basically if you're one of those people whose in the practice of emailing me @ that ISPs domain, update your info - i'll send out the office really soon

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