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02.01.06 02:46 AM

Is VOD the next killer app for the Web?

It would appear so, considering all of the recent activity in the marketplace. While Apple may have had the running start out the gate, landing major content coups (especially SNL and MTV) it doesn't mean that other start-ups won't be competitive.

Apple already had a template, following it's strategy with the iTunes music store. Make a product that requires content, and then build strategic partnerships in order to provide the content to those devices.

But what about the user who wants their VOD right where they are -- at their desktop? This is where Google's simple but effective debut of its beta google video comes in. Google foregoes the bells and whistles making content discovery just as fun as it is on youtube. Well, almost.

The youtube model works best because it features a community aspect. And isn't that just what all the web's killer apps have done? Napster. Blogs. Flickr. Myspace. Just name any web tool that people have gathered around the water cooler to discuss, and there's one thing they have in common community.

But that doesn't mean that Apple or Google, or the endless players who will follow suit, won't be able to get it right. It's just that it might not be right now.

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