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08.08.05 06:54 PM

is the iPod truly innovative

Over at ilounge Larry Angell reports that Apple continues to hold 'substantial lead' over competitors

"Following meetings last week with digital music companies such as Apple and RealNetworks, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu said he is “more convinced than ever that Apple has a substantial lead and advantage” over competitors.">>>

yet in the August 2005 edition of FastCompany John J. Sviokla's In Praise of Ecosystems declares:

"Already the iPod's features are being copied by Samsung, Dell, iRiver, Sony, and others. Competitors are adding tuners, cameras, gaming, and more to devices. They're rolling out a host of new music services. Meanwhile, the iPod has not changed much since its debut four years ago -- and Apple's latest iteration, the iPod shuffle, has met with limited success. The competitors will win. Why? Because they have created an economic ecosystem that powers innovation. Apple hasn't.">>>

who is right? in a way, they both are. apple was sort of first to party, so therefore the company will reap the benefits of being the industry leader for a little longer. the tipping point has probably already occurred, or will be reached shortly. and then the entire iPod, iTunes great rise will plateau. at that point, all of the competitors will have gotten their technologies figured out and their products will become just as sexy if not sexier than the ipod.

there'll be a little of Sviokla's ecosystem at play, but also a little bit of good old fashion capitalism.

don't get me wrong, i'm an apple die hard, but if you remember, ma bell only reigned for so long.

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