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02.27.05 12:58 PM

is blogging worth losing your job?

People often ask me why I don't blog about experiences at my place of employment, or my employer's events, or even former places of employment - the truth is, I always saw it as a form of 'netiquette not to, or better yet a conflict of interest, but in reality, people get fired over that shit, especially if blogging about dissatisfactions at work or company secrets. In my case, since my website uses my real name, and also contains elements other than my blog, it would just be bad business for this chick.

In the blog world, the firing of an employee who blogs about their job is called "dooce." This woman, unfortunately, was the case example. Most recently, it happened to a google employee, a Delta Airlines employee, a Friendster employee, and even our beloved Karsh.

My advice: Don't do it, unless you really hate your job, and have loads of money saved up to balance out your life. Blogging about your company or blogging anything that could reflect poorly on your company or your career, just isn't worth being terminated over, even though I'm sure "Free Speech" will be tested by this issue.

You might think no one at your job even knows you're blogging, but you just can't assume such things, especially if your blog has risen to the top of search engines.

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