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06.11.02 02:01 AM

infinite possibilities

Amel Larrieux Pic 1
Amel Larrieux performing at SOBs 6.09.02

Amel Larrieux - Infinite Possibilities
He's got infinite possibilities
I can see them now
It's the unbroken chains of his past by which he's bound
He's got infinite possibilities
I can feel them now
If he chooses well, then nothing can tear him down

Amel Larrieux Pic 2
Photos taken by cocotaso

Sunday night 'dege and I went to check out Amel at SOBs. I still can't quite comprehend why non-singers like Ashanti sell truckloads and truckloads of CDs and someone like Amel doesn't even have enough loot in her budget to maintain her touring ensemble. It really disgusts me. This woman pushes from her diaphragm like nobody's business. She's not Rachelle Ferrel mind you. That is, she is not exactly a powerhouse vocalist, but her CDs do her absolutely no justice. This is my second time seeing her perform live, and her range, volume, and ability to riff have all improved immensely. She even pulled an Ella and held a scat duel with her instrumentalists. And on that song Glitches from the Red Star Sounds CD, she blew Black Thoughts lyrics like they were the A train. It was a fluid movement, spiced with hums, moans, groans —damn, at this late hour I don't even have the words to describe what I heard. I have a newfound respect for her and can't wait for her next project. I'm glad I attended with someone who not only dug Amel, but who knew how to use my Coolpix also. *smiles*

As for the chorus to infinte possibilities, I can certainly appreciate and understand the lyrics. For those of you who were here when I first started this blog nearly a year ago, well, you know I've been through some things. Like the man in Amel's song, if you know the rest of the lyrics, I'd rather be standing in the sun too. I think I'm bouncing back and on my way there slowly but surely. For one, today was the first real day of my new FT gig as online editor of Vibe. Much work to be done there, no doubt. There is also great clarity unfolding in other areas of my life. Now all I have to do is figure out how to shine at a new gig, while still maintaining an above 3.0 GPA in a FT MBA program. I've got infinite possibilities, I can feel them now.

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