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07.30.05 06:02 AM

in santa clara

so i'm in santa clara to present a Room Of Your Own Session at blogher. i arrived in san fran at around midnight and drove in a pt cruiser down 101 to santa clara. the drive wasn't bad at all. though i was expecting a few other ladies to help me present feminist hip-hop blogging, it looks like i might be doing this solo. one expressed great interest, but i don't know if she made it here.

as always i planned a little late, and though the flight and car rental were in order, i had not booked a hotel room. luckily for me the holiday inn i hit as soon as i got off the 101 is only 2 minutes away from techmart.

as i said, i plan late. so i forgot my camera and/or handycam. but at least i have audiocorder on my powerbook, which i just realized i need to update, especially since i have tiger on here now. at least i can add to the blogher planned audiocasting. hopefully, there'll be someone in attendance for me to present to.

speaking of the presentation and my being late, i should get a little bit of sleep and plan what i'll actually be presenting. most of all i'm looking forward to meeting other female bloggers, since most of my blog friends are male, and i'm definitely looking forward to learning new things.

unfortunately, this is one of those short trips for me, as i'll be back on a flight to nyc even before this whole blogher con is over.

more to follow...

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