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04.16.02 01:34 PM

(In memory of my locs)

Lynne w/locs Today is a gorgeous day in NYC. A perfect day for the beach. Sidewalk cafes are open. There are bare feet, bare legs, and bare arms everywhere. (Note to self: time to take the summer clothes out of the trunk and get a pedicure). I feel bored. Restless even. Antsy. I want to do something. Take a bike ride. A walk in the park. A drive upstate to the mountains and waterfall. But I can't. Still working on finals, and I have to go pick up my niece and cart her to her dance class. Like a fool I wore all black today. My pores are yielding prespiration. Just as I was rethinking regrowing my locs, I remembered how hot it was to have all that hair on my head, just hanging. Yet, a piece of my spirit misses them. Their connection to my unlimited potential. My crown of thorns. Reminding me, when I thought with my Christian head, of my link to the Christ child. Or when I was on my Ausar/Auset trip, the locs were my antennae. Still a spiritual thing. OK, too deep, even for me right now. Just feeling like it's time to make a change. Or at least like change is around the bend. Don't know what it is yet, but it wakes me from my sleep at night. I am breathless often, as if I were running. Running toward something and not away from it. I think I'm going to strip now. I'll put on less clothing and sit outside in the courtyard while I study. I can at least soak up some sun before going to get my niece. But how I dread sitting in the hot car. Yeah I know, I can turn the air condition on, but I'm not letting this weather fool me just yet. It could still get cold again. And I'll be sick, just like all these crazy folks already wearing shorts and wife beaters or tank tops.

I need new music or something. To change the setting. To help redirect the thinking. A trip would be nice. Although I'll be in Cannes in May, that's school related. Trying to secure some freelance writing out of that trip too. My boy Peter, sent me this link
today. Photos from Jamaica. Wishing I were one of the chicks in the pics. Sigh...

tahir says he is going to mail out the Red Clay Catalog. I can finally see the piece I wrote on The Church of the Living Womb.

D. paid a visit yesterday. We are working on becoming friends. I think it's possible. And I don't have much more to say on
that. At least not now.

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