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06.02.05 06:46 PM

IM spam sucks

If we all thought e-mail and blog spam were a pain in the ass, then we're going to be far more pissed off contending with IM spam. I hadn't even thought about the possibilities of IM spam, at least not until yesterday.

I'm hooked up to fire as usual, so I can chat with folks on MSN, Yahoo, and AIM simultaneously and out of no where I get this IM saying "yo, this picture looks a lot like you" with a url link followin. Since the IM comes from someone I trust, I check it out. What a mistake. It was some weird site I'd never seen, or care to see again.

So I IM the buddy and say do you know your IM is spamming. And she did, but didn't understand it. She better ask IT to help her out. Today her account not only sent me one message, but it rapid-fired me these wacked out spam messages.

For my own personal reasons though, it's really important that I be aware that IM spam is becoming far more prevalent.

Back in Feb, a New York teen was arrested for sending spam messages across IM networks. He "created thousands of fraudulent instant messaging accounts on to bombard its users with junk IM messages." Yeah, ok, myspace users, but can it happen to your average MSN or AIM user? I already told you it happened to me.

But if you need further proof, check out eweek's report about IM rapidly becoming the new frontier for both worms and viruses. I suppose it's time to get that firewall configured properly at home, and to stop sharing files over the ol' IM.

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