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12.14.01 02:38 PM

I'm sleep deprived

OK, so I am sleep deprived. Don't know my toes from my fingers at the moment. Don't know when last I had a full night's rest. 17 credits of the first semester of an MBA about to draw to a close, and I am overwhelmed. So what I'm an unemployed, freelance slacker. That doesn't mean that life should be easy. Debt is piling up sky high, and still my outlook on life is optimistic. The economy sucks, and there are no full time jobs for someone with my skills — oh wait, there are, just that 200 other people are qualified to fill the posts as well. Not like I'd be able to handle a FT gig with going to school FT anyway.

But I really can't complain, August '02 will come and I'll have an MBA, some nice freelance credits stacked up, and if not at least a published book there'll be a few book proposals with my name on them out there waiting for green lights. Maybe things aren't so bad after all. It could be snowing instead of raining. And since I haven't taken out the winter gear yet, well snow would so really suck right now.

Now it's back to sliding my head into the books and the writing of papers, cuz' there's only about a week more left of this life experienced only in front of a computer screen ish. So if for some strange reason I post no entries from now until the New Year, at least those of you who still check in from time-to-time will understand why.

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