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10.04.07 01:53 PM

I'm Preordering American Gangster from iTunes. Are You?


I just love iTunes marketing. On Tuesday, I received my weekly New Music Tuesdays newsletters, and it had Jay-Z's name first in the subject. So of course I read it. That's my halfway admitting that I usually delete these suckers. Anyway, my interest was keen on this one, because I knew American Gangster was coming soon, but I didn't expect this soon.

Well it isn't this soon, actually. It's just a pre-order announcement. I was torn about clicking on my 1-Click authorization for the preorder, well, because Jay-Z has been disappointing lately. And anyone who has been a true fan of Jay-Z since before the Blueprint knows what that means. With that said though, I'm rooting for him. I'm rooting that what he's been inspired by from the upcoming movie will move him to bring his true skill back to the game.

There's a part of me that feels like: "Dude, get over it..stop rapping." It's just fun to you, it's not real. But by all accounts of recent reports, he's serious this time. I really hope he is. Last night, as part of VH1's week-long of hip-hop programming in honor of VH1 Hip Hop Honors, Classic Albums: Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt was on. As I watched it, I remembered the very things that made me love Jay-Z as a dope MC in the first place. The way he flipped metaphors, the way he controlled his breath, and let the music lead him to muse, the pain, the agony, the emotion -- all of those things, I remembered. This was long before he learned the formula -- the 16 bars and the hook, or at least before he considered he needed the recipe to sell albums. Back in the days when he just wanted to tell a story.

I know they say the first album is always hard to beat. The first album is usually the story you've been waiting your entire life to tell -- so you've had a lot of practice and there's a lot of material to pull from. Perhaps, American Gangster can incite Sean Carter to remember how to simply let it flow.

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