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09.17.02 12:00 AM

I'm havin a bad day, so stay out of my way

"Cause I'm havin a bad day, so stay out of my way"
- Sticky Fingaz, Onyx, "Throw Ya Gunz," Bacdafucup

Switched hosts, so the site was down for a few days. Sorry. I will return in full force real soon. I hope.

Realized in the past few days that the adage — procrastination is a thief — is true to the mutha'. It also incubates and creates mediocrity. I despise the two. If I detect 'em in my system, I will blast 'em. Beat 'em down to a pulp like those particles you find in your country style OJ. Watch their vapors rise as I cause their disintegration with my laser-like eyes. No surprises. Can't be taken off guard if you put a hex on yourself. Cursed yourself with those hoodoo voodoo ashes. Heebie jeebies get off my back. Hocus pocus I cast you away. Today. Every day. I thought I told you that I won't stop.

An-T-wayzzz. Saw an amazing show with The Roots, Common, Cody Chesnutt, Talib, and more this past weekend. Vexed mode is active "1" — so I have no reports. Not now anyway. Check back later and maybe you'll find me on the garrulous tip once again.

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