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06.06.06 12:45 AM

i'm baaaaack

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well it looks like my hiatus is over and i'm finally relaunching this site.

it's looking so good around here --- don't you agree? be sure to check out the new splash page --- it's straight fire.

thanks to j. over at thebrotherlove, cocotaso's design for has all been imported into MT 3.2 so that i can manage my entire website from within the CMS --- and not just my blog diary. (and wouldn't you know, just when i finally updated to 3.2, the release of 3.3 is right around the corner.)

but back to the site... j. also styled the look and feel of all the content of my latest web persona, and made sure that visitors can leave comments without any problems.

there have been other major developments in the life of lynne lately --- all to be divulged within a matter of time.

so grab a chair, pull up to your keyboard, and click around. things are going to be a little different in this space.

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