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05.11.05 07:21 PM

i'm a blogher


Well, I spoke and blogher listened.

Looks like I've gotten myself on yet another panel:

In A Room of Your Own, I'll have to figure out how best to discuss what's been added to the schedule as:

Feminist hip-hop bloggers?
Negotiating a space dominated by menůmuch like the music.

If in fact I end up leading this panel, I'll need to identify more women to add to the discussion.

Right now, based on who and what I know about, I'm calling to my aid:

Jalylah Burrell
Tiffany B. Brown
Julianne Shepherd
Rachel Ramist
Miranda Jane
Sherella Gibbs
honeysoul (and i'm sorry i don't know your government name)

So now I have to put a shout out to these ladies and proposition them with presenting on this session, or even just soliciting ideas from them. But if you know of someone I should speak with, let me know. Unfortunately, I know, and intereact, with a much higher percentage of men on the web than I do women.

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