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08.09.07 03:05 PM

Icewater: The Next Wu-Tang Clan

While we await the return of the Wu with the recording of 8 Diagrams, Raekwon presents the four-man Icewater crew -- Stomach, P.C. (Paulie Caskets), D.C. (Donnie Cash) and Polite -- to put Staten Island back on the hip-hop map. Watch the video "Animal" to see if Icewater continues the tradition.

I think someone needs to tell HipHopCrack to not have its embedded videos autoplay. It's just not good Web etiquette and it's making me look bad for posting this video. But alas, I just wanted to show that Staten Island was trying to reemerge as a hip-hop contributor. I do have to admit that Crackspace is a nice play on MySpace in terms of independent and unsigned hip-hop artists being able to get some promotion without have to compete on the overcrowded MySpace.

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