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12.09.01 06:05 PM

I was a Mad Magazine Junkie

I was a Mad Magazine junkie. My head was always in one of those things as a kid. If it wasn't the magazine it would be one of the paperbacks they put out. I would forego other youthful pleasures just to read the latest Spy V Spy, or other weird novelties found in those books. No one around me could understand why I was so addicted. I can't even say that I do. But between Mad comic books and Monty Python's Flying Circus, those moments of loneliness turned into moments of fun. Sure I had friends, crap loads of 'em, but somehow I preferred being taken away by those books, that PBS series, and then there was also Space Invaders and Galaga that took up lots of my time. It's interesting to reflect and realize how much of a nerd I really am.

Got another one of my writer's perks, Meshell's latest CD. For information on the upcoming CD and to hear a sample check out the Maverick site. She and Prince are coming back real strong this go around.

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