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10.28.04 01:37 PM

i want to audioblog

after several attempts in the past to share music with folks, i'm starting to think i should start an audio blog a la folks like oliver and jason. it'll actualy be a lot easier for me to keep up with an audioblog than this regular blog. for one, i have some mos def on mixtapes that sounds a lot more focused than the new album, though i'm not hating the new album. and it's that real east coast shit - with the focus on lyricism - wordsmiths - ya' know it.

anyway, i'm going to contemplate the audioblog thing while i contemplate this upgrade on MT, cuz comment spam is kicking my ass big time, especially when i don't post anything new or have been away from email for several days. (new sidekick II should remedy that email situation - shout outs to mister jt, my partner in crime on that one).

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