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09.16.06 02:27 PM

i hate script kiddies

the past three days have been sheer hell for me. my email and web site were both suspended intermittently because someone injected a script onto my domain somehow. after much contemplation, i surmised that this was happening because of, my other website that was housed on a CMS so out of date that it had to be vulnerable to attackers.

in the meantime, i lost three days of email, three days of my site's feed getting picked up, three days of my site's pages being indexed in the search engines, three days of traffic. also the integrity and reputation of my domain had been compromised, as mass emails were being sent out from it.

unfortunately, i don't have the wherewithal to do the required sleuthing to find the culprits. this time, they didn't leave any signature or markings of their crew as they had done in the past.

it was a nightmare that i never wanted to happen. of course, wil be back better than ever, and perhaps i'll use it the way i originally inteded -- to seed a book idea.

i've done a few things on the backend to insure something like this doesn't happen again, at least not for a while. my advice to others: be wary of using contact forms, unless they are fully supported by your CMS or your web host, or hosted on another server altogether where the company is in the business of dealing with contact forms, such as freedback, which is the service i use on this site. as well, be wary of using a CMS that is no longer supported by its author.

this has been a very interesting learning experience for me. and now that i'm back, and value having my site live, perhaps i can get to some of those posts i promised in august that i never got to write. and maybe i can start posting a little more regularly.

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