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08.03.07 07:50 PM

I Got Your Black Tech Blogger Right Here

So I subscribe to PodTech in iTunes, primarily because it was a place where Irina Slutsky once called home. But I also watched ScobleShow and CalacanisCast when I had time, because they appealed to the geek in me. There were a few other shows that I've watched on there from time to time, but today I discovered that there's one I won't ever watch again. (Hat tip to the inside informant who sent me the link, as I'm on vacation I completely missed this one.)

Photo Credit: Epicenter - Wired Blogs

It appears that Loren Feldman of 1938 Media believes that it's still funny and totally acceptable to perform in black face in 2007. And it's bad black face at that. I've never met anyone (in the 'hood) who speaks as he does in this video he released today called, Technigga. The slang he uses and outfit he wears is not only meant to be a racist parody, but it's also a throwback -- as in, black people don't speak or dress like that any longer.

If you're going to try and get laughs by mimicking a black man, at least try to get that shit right. There's only room for one Ali G, and fortunately there's Sacha Baron Cohen is only semi-distasteful.

Adario Strange at Wired Blogs spoke to both Feldman and Ariana Huffington, of Huffington Post, where you can find some of Feldman's material. Here are their responses. I'm not yet sure if the video ended up in the PodTech feed, but if it does, I'll want to see what Scoble or someone over there has to say.

Go watch the video here and judge for yourself. For the record I'll just say that it's completely unfunny, and the most insipid piece of satire that I've ever come across. On the real though, dude would catch a smackdown if I were truly 'hood. But I'm not, so all I have is this blog to share my disgust with the rest of the blogosphere. (I'm sure I'll catch some insane love mail for this one, but whatever, I'm saying what has to be said.)

Big Eddie Ed, no disrespect, but I think this one is aiming at you and your man's heads over at NiggaKnowTechnology. Represent.

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