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11.13.01 09:00 AM

I don't know why...

I don't know why I don't hear Res on the radio. I am so feeling her sound. And I was sleeping on her for awhile too. Can't figure out why. She's better than anything I ever hear on radio. Sometimes her voice reminds me of Stevie Nicks. How's that for a black girl from Philly? Philly is really blowing up's like the '70s all over again. Philly soul returns. The track I am most feeling today is "If There Ain't Nothing." Starts off sounding like a hip-hop joint, then breaks down into this funk-drenched vibe. Loving this.

It's about 12:50:00 AM EST, and I've been having mad connectivity problems. My boy Peter Rickards who runs Afflicted Yard out of Kingston, Jamaica sent me a crazy Real Audio link. He usually runs a Web cast for Down Sound Records from dancehall/sound system events, and lately out of the basement of the record label with some of the hottest DJs in dancehall. But tonight, of all things, he is Web casting from Taxi cabs — it's called Taxi Cab Radio Transmissions In Kingston. The stuff is rich. Wish I could get back down there and chill with those folks again. I had fun there in January when the record company brought me down to write a piece for Hope the opportunity comes again. If you want to read the story I wrote about my trip to Kingston for BP, here's the link.

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