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03.04.03 10:35 PM

i am not a mover nor a shaker

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not a mover nor am I a shaker. According to Webster, a mover and shaker is someone who is active or influential in some field of endeavor. Alright, so I have a job that a lot of people seem to think makes me "big time." But yo, I am just a regular chick. I make mistakes. I do not know everything and everyone. I am not bumping and rubbing shoulders with celebrities and entrepreneurs.

This is not a rant. I am just learning how funny people are. I am simply a person who is going about her life's work, trying to make a difference, and doing what she is driven to do. Passion drives me. I use that to get me to my next step in life. The funny people seem to think folks with passion can help them out on various levels. It's like everybody wants something. I tend to more often help those who don't ask...but in whom I see drive, determination, and most of all, a gift. Be that gift humility, or just some blazing, ass-kicking talent. Again, this is not a rant. But nowadays, people look to me more and more as an entry into lots of things—be it a writing career, a party, a concert, an introduction to someone who is making moves, free publicity, whatever. Man, I am out here trying to get my game on just like everyone else. I am on the grind. On the daily.

I'd like to quote the words of Billie Holiday, right here: "Money, you've got lots of friends/ Crowding round the door/ When you're gone, spending ends/ They don't come no more." Everyone has a dream, this I know. But a dream is not made off of free handouts. A dream is not made off of badgering someone. When you reach what some view as a zenith, those some want so much. Often asking the impossible. Fact: a year ago, I was trying to make a dollar out of 50 Cents. Pun intended. Those of you who were with me then, when I was down and out, keeping my spirits up, get the utmost props. And the others, the vultures—those who love me for what I do and not who I am—well, you know who you are. I needn't say more.

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