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12.30.01 12:20 AM

I ain't got ish to say

I ain't got ish to say, so I don't even know why I am posting here today. That's right, I said, "ain't got no." It's much quicker than saying or typing, "I don't have anything to say." Aiiiight! Maybe I can think of something to say. Oh yeah, I got it. Tulsa Kinney in the LA Weekly says it's the year of the pussy, and I ain't mad at her a'tall. At least I think it's a she. Would a guy be named Tulsa? Whatever. In case you think I'm making it up, check the link. It reminds me of an article in the Village Voice a few year's back. It was about Mary J, and I think Karen R. Goode wrote it. I still had the article, but I can't find it in my archives, or locate it on VV's site. Basically, the article mentions that Mary, at that time, was often photographed with her legs open. It may have even mused about her crotch-grabbing antics. Anyway, the point was that Mary's vocal abilities are a direct link to the power of the pussy. To the best of my memory, the article stated that when Mary sings, forget about those guttural tones coming from her diaphragm, it's coming from between her legs. That's if my memory serves me correctly.

I'm a little burnt out as of late, that's why I've taken a break from posting. Besides, there are far better things to read other than my goings on and ish. Picked that one up from Bernie Mac, can't you tell? Anyway, I want to share a real good story with you folks. Reading it almost makes me sad I haven't copped the new Wu album yet. The way Jeff Chang put it down in the Washington Post was just incredible. (BTW, the WP link is to Jeff's article on the latest Wu release.) With all the individual projects that crew does, who knew they could get back together and make you believe they are still as tight as they once were. As for Jeff, I've been watching his writings for a little bit now. He'll have a book coming out in '02, and you best believe it will be thorough. Jeff and I started emailing one another when he worked at and I worked at We both were invited to Jamaica to check out Downsound Records' Kingston Signals and write about it. Rob Kenner, Mr. Boom Shots Man for Vibe, also penned a piece on Downsound. Anyway, Jeff is a real righetous dude, and I think he's good people. Respect! If you want to know more about Downsound and my trip to Jamaica, check my archives for the post from 11.13.01.

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