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02.16.06 10:58 PM

how stop snitchin' opened a marketplace

this is not a post about the stop snitchin' t-shirts. nor is it a post about scarface and the game's song, "i never snitch". though in many ways it's heavily related to the two.

so there's the hate it/love it popularity of the original t-shirts. then we're introduced to scarface's song with a likely co-star in the game, who now sells his own branded stop snitchin/stop lyin t-shirts and a cd at theblackwallstreet and has also released a dvd of the same name that's available for download @ mixtapetorrent.

there are probably more movers and shakers using stop snitchin as a genre than i know about, but one case of marketing in this regard that is quite audacious is lil troy presents ... paperwork: subject "scarface" : g-code violation. and here's an example of the paperwork that lil troy says he has to prove that scarface broke the g-code. reported the back story to this beef back in september and i know i'm not breaking the story, because sohh interviewed lil troy about this back in septemeber.

the first amusing point of this is that scarface would come out with a song that boasts he doesn't snitch, when lil troy allegedly has paperwork to proved otherwise.

the second point, and i find this one a tad bit befuddling, is that beef has taken on this new face of whether one is a snitch or not and there's a business being made of it.

(an aside: stop snitchin shirt makers have now launched start peace shirts in response to the stop snitchin backlash and an agreement with boston's mayor - 'Stop Snitchin' Shirt Makers 'Start Peace')

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