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03.04.02 10:46 PM

how could you forget to renew your domain?

How stupid could one Web property get? I guess that is what happens when folks don't really know the Internet biz. I remember it like it was yesterday. There I was interviewing Selwyn Hinds, who was to spearhead Russell Simmons' latest venture. In this interview for back in June 2000, Hinds was very confident, cocky even, that what had to offer would be like no other hip-hop property online. It was Simmons'attempt to make a wave on the Web. To be the be all and end all for everything hip-hop. The site had a severely delayed launch with poorly functioning tools and features. Yet it featured some of the best editorial content, that perhaps no one ever read. Basically, hits to the site were never enough to squawk at. When it came to Black online survival, the winners were always BlackPlanet, BET, and BlackVoices. That was then this is now. Shortly after, bought 360. And then the entire BET property—cable and interactive was swallowed up by Viacom. But the interactive vision was to still let what Simmons founded,, maintain its own voice. Well guess that is very unlikely now that the domain is up for grabs. You'd figure someone would have remembered to keep making payments to keep the domain on lock. It is only like $35/year or something. Anyway, the community are talking about this in their rumor mill, as are the folks hanging out at UrbanExpose.

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