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08.03.06 01:42 PM

hot off the web 08.03.06

Since posting in more than one media outlet can be utter madness...

  • The Fall of the AOL Wall - Finally AOL has realized that it's 2006 and nobody pays for email service (and some not even for Internet connections).

  • MTV + AOL + CNN = YouTube - A little bit of YouTube goes a long way.

  • The New Media Elite - The Wall Street Journal's take on the who's who on the Web. Not a lot of diversity there either.

  • Thoughts on Women and Collaboration - My wrap up of BlogHer (though I forgot to mention the ethnic diversity issue: how to get more POCs out to the event might just be a task for me. but i was also remiss on the focus on the mommybloggers but my buddy over at sour duck handled that one already.

And on to other happenings...

  • GreenCine Daily on V - the Wachoswki Brothers Production makes its DVD debut this week

  • Outkast - Idlewild Blues (video) - unlike that Morris Brown jawn that has no Andre 3000 this one has all Andre 3000 on some Jimi Hendrix ish.

  • meebome enables you to log into all your IMs from one widget - based on meebo. Now this wasn't a big thrill to myself, someone who uses both Adium and Fire, but it's actually better becuase it's web-based and employs Ajax so it acts like a desktop publication. And for those of you wroking in firewalled to the brim offices, here's a way to get your IM out.

  • The 2006 Black Weblog Awards is on and popping. Go nominate someone or support with a donation for the winners.

  • In honor of the release of that Xtina Aguilery joint, go cop that "Ain't No Other Man" Curtis Mayfield "Puserhman" mashup by artyfufkin.

  • And finally...I've been doing this dance for a month or so and watching the Harlem kids wreck shop over at YouTube...that's right NYC will now officially stop snaping their fingers and handbrake dancing (all copped from the ATL)...we getting fresh off that chicken noodle soup.

    Webstar feat Young B – Chicken Noodle Soup: WM | RA

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