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06.19.06 11:10 PM

hip-hop's largest brands market personal computers

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first jay-z was hawking hp computers during the NBA playoffs

and now 50 cent is in talks with apple to develop a line of computers for the inner city.

hip-hop has been big business and mainstream for years, but now its capital is truly being merited, as well as being overwhemingly marketed to the masses.

for instance, it warranted this article:

Capitalist Rap by Lea Goldman, Forbes | 07.03.06

Jackson, Fifty or Fitty to friends and fans, has parlayed this tragic and troubling résumé of street credibility into a thriving business. He earned $41 million last year, and he ranks No. 8 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, on a scorecard that counts earnings, in addition to Internet, TV, radio and print exposure. Though he dropped out of high school as a teenager and never went to college, he has emerged as a masterful brand-builder and a shrewd businessman. With keen advice from a seasoned industry insider (his manager, Chris Lighty of Violator Management & Records), Fifty aims to build a multipronged franchise that will last long after his music fades from the charts. more>>> (subscription required)

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