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01.21.03 11:16 PM

hip-hop teaches, kills, and dies?

If hip-hop slang and songs can incite thoughtful discussion, then...

"Reading, 'Riting and Rap," by Erika Hayasaki, Los Angeles Times, January 14, 2003:
"So check it. On the white board in a Crenshaw High School classroom were the words: "Man vs. Ho.""

"English teacher Patrick Camangian wrote the phrase to get his students talking about the lyrics by the late Tupac Shakur: "Blaze up, gettin' with hos through my pager.""

"It worked. A lively discussion ensued about sexism, racism and how degrading terms such as "ho" — slang for whore — can be used to dehumanize and divide people. In hip-hop terms, the students were feelin' it."— More...

And, does pop music make people kill?

"Rock in the dock," by Andrew Mueller, Guardian Unlimited, January 18, 2003:
"A few weeks ago, a nationwide leap in gun crime was lent grim focus by the murder of two young women at a party in Birmingham. It must have been a relief to investigating police when, as the smoke was still lifting, culture minister Kim Howells, possibly imagining himself wearing some sort of cape, identified the culprit. Charlene Ellis and Latisha Shakespeare were, in Mr Howells' view, victims - at barely one remove - of hip hop."— More...

How about, is hip-hop dead as a creative musical force?

"Hip hop's not done yet," by Aaron Wherry, National Post, January 13, 2003:
"For those music fans not yet sufficiently jaded by the death of the singer/songwriter, the death of jazz, the death of pop, the death of punk, the death of country, or the repeated death of rock 'n' roll comes the latest critically endorsed proclamation of demise — the death of hip hop."— More...

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