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06.05.03 05:05 PM

he's patiently waiting for a media stunt for me to flow on

Ok that didn't really work in the 50 style I was going for, but anyway... kevin.daily is waiting for me to comment on this Village Voice cover article by Ta-Nehisi Coates that basically deals with the unrealness of gangsta rap. In essence, the article speaks to the fact that most gangsta rap is fiction and not fact. Well, it's art, so I think most of us knew that even if something was true, there was major embellishment going on. But my commentary is coming K.didly, just give me a minute. I handed it out in the race and ethnicity course I teach last night and we got into some heated debates. Let me just fall back and put it all into perspective before I give you something to chew on. In the amongst yourselves. And while you're doing that, let me tease you with a quote from the article:

"But not much more. At its core the hubbub around Get Rich and the return of gangsta rap is crack-era nostalgia taken to the extreme. Imagine—articulate young black men pining for the heyday of black-on-black crime. Like all nostalgia, neo-gangsta is stuck in history rather than rooted in current reality. The sobering fact is that the streets as 50 presents them, brimming with shoot-outs and crack fiends, do not exist. Of course, drugs are still a plague on America's house, and America's gun violence is a black mark on the developed world. But millennial black America is hardly the Wild West scene it was during gangsta rap's prime. Gangsta could once fairly claim to reflect a brutal present. Now it mythicizes a past that would fade away much faster without it."

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