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09.21.07 05:20 PM

Halo 3 Leak on the Interwebs

halo-3.gifRecent reports from detail thousands of downloads of Halo3, though Microsoft doesn't officially release the game until next Tuesday.

"High Street retailer Argos began selling the game in a select number of stores this week, but soon corrected its mistake. Microsoft told that it would not punish the retailer following the blunder."

It appears that the kids who got the game early started putting it on file-sharing services immediately. From InformationWeek:

"Numerous bloggers are reporting that purloined versions of Halo 3 are all over the Internet, available for play to Xbox 360 users who have modified their systems to defeatMicrosoft ( MSFT)'s copy protection software. Gaming industry bloggers at MaxConsole are reporting that one source of the illegal files is a hacking group called Paradogs. Also, a version of the game appeared to be available as a 7.3-Gbyte download from a peer-to-peer file sharing site called as of Friday morning."
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