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12.19.01 11:12 PM

Got the Mac blues

So MBNA didn't approve an Apple Loan so I could get that nice Titanium mac truck and silly music listening device — (asking self, "Which came first with that thing anyway — form, or function?). Gotta' stay a sharecropper I guess. (Now asking self, "Wonder what the loan officer used to determine my credit worthiness anyway? Didn't I just purchase an iMac last year around this time — with cash?) That's Apple's loss, not mine. Maybe I should get a Vaio. It's practically the same thing. Well, isn't it? Isn't it? Come on somebody, help me out on this one. I'm saying, I'm a Mac(ie) for life, but if they won't let me have one, what am I supposed to do?

On another note, finally saw the Jigga Man's unplugged performance. That chick Jaguar sure got a fine set of lungs. She was blowing so hard, had Jigga thinking he was up in chu'ch or something. (Asking self, "Why can't hip-hop always sound so smooth?) That unplugged CD is going to get Hova another audience set. How could anyone go wrong with ?uestlove on drums? Mary J turned out and did a little sumthin' sumthin' too. Listened to it again on the Unplugged CD today. His delivery is awesome in the live performance arena. And as for his battle with Nasty Nas, well, the New York hip-hop populace has determined that Nas is the mighty magnificent MC. It's back to the lab for you Jay Peso. But then Nas Esco got a whole lot of other problems resting on his head. He better watch his cap if he's rolling through QB.

As far as my life is concerned, it's still finals time. My friends are so mad at me, and I missed my boy Deshawn's earth day celebration at Spa tonight. My girl, Mellie Mel, ain't feeling me right now, 'cuz well, she ain't seen me in like a month and everytime she calls I say I have to call her back. And then between school work and writing deadlines, I forget, so she calls back with an attitude. Hey Mel, get an attitude adjustment, realize your girl is trying to accomplish big thangs. But it's all love, 'cuz I know you love me ma'.

PS: Finally glad that the silly Philly death row committee lifted Mumia's death sentence. Perhaps 2001 wasn't such a devastating year after all.

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