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07.28.05 12:23 AM

goodbye ugly spam

as most of us bloggers know, and especially we using MT, comment and trackback spam can be a crucial beyotch

well i am proud to say no more - and i'm one who keeps all of my entries open indefinitely

i've been using blacklist for awhile now, even before using MT and the introduction of MT blacklist and it worked pretty well but now with spamlookup i am completely overjoyed - i rarely even see the spam or have to go through it myself to clear it out - it kills spam dead and has been working greatly

so if you're still battling with unwanted spam, perhaps you should consider installing one or even both of these plugins

check out brad choate's spamlookup here
and the ever faithful jay allen's MT blacklist

but what we're all most excited about, of course, is the coming of moveable type 3.2

i was about to upgrade to 3.16 or even 3.17, but as 3.2 is in beta, I think I'll wait (donald are you ready?)

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