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01.29.06 01:53 AM

goodbye bloglines, er, maybe


not like it's the most recent news in the world, but goole has an rss reader @ every time i turn around, their adding some new tool to their suite. web domination coming soon i suppose.

i haven't yet given up using the bloglines, just b/c it makes so much sense. but when both firefox and safari enable me to save rss feeds, and of course i do, i think i'm on the verge of overkill and experiencing serious bouts of information overload - just for the sake of being a tech tool nerd who wants to try everything under the sun to figure out which is more intuitive for the way i work and think.

come to think of it, the google mobile rss reader might be more interesting to write about. but since i don't use a regular cell phone, i guess i won't be testing it.

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