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05.27.10 11:18 AM

Gist for Android is Here

I've been using Gist in beta for a while now, as sort of my CRM tool. For me that means contacts relationship management. It keeps me up-to-date on everyone in my address book, so I know who I'm talking to and what I'm talking about the next time we meet. This tool is even more useful, if the folks in your contacts database have a social presence.

What's been difficult for me about Gist is having to visit the site to use it. At work, I do use a Microsoft plugin for Outlook, when I remember to launch VMware Fusion, to fire up my Windows environment on my Mac. There it has incredible integration. (And to think I used to try to use Plaxo for this sort of thing.)

But as a Mac and Android user (who doesn't use Google apps), it just hasn't been as successful an application use for me as it could be. (I've had to upload contacts or connect my social media spaces with the Web beta). But I do realize its potential--totally.

That's why I'm happy the Android app is here. I can use this app on the go now, to be in the know at all times.

Here's a useful video from Gist about the Android app...

I'm testing it out now, so you can expect a full review soon. I can already say, that I would have hoped they'd have a home screen widget, but I don't see one available yet. An activity stream widget would be just perfect.

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