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09.24.13 02:07 PM

Getting Ready To Beta Test Mail Pilot For Mac

Going to really enjoy beta testing Mail Pilot for Mac. It looks so intuitive, with a task-oriented approach to managing mail. Since Sparrow joined Google, I was using PostBox, which just felt too clunky and no better than using web-based mail. Actually ended up paying for PostBox, because I liked it's promise in terms of linking with your Dropbox or Evernote and adding social network info to your contacts, among other features like incorporating your to-dos. But on my machine, it simply runs like an old engine. Not sure why.

I'm in also on the beta for Unibox, but can't use it because my current computer is only Mac 10.6.8 and I need to be on Mountain Lion 10.8. So, I haven't been able to actually test it. (Don't ask me why I haven't upgraded yet. Seriously, don't.)

Anyway, here's a video of what Mail Pilot for Mac can do:

Unibox looks prettier than Mail Pilot, and it seems to bring all of your messaging into one box (including social network messaging). That's helpful, and saves time from having to log into so many sites (and/or apps). Can't wait until these innovations in Mail come to the Android. Right now, the only innovative mail app I've seen on Android has been Boomerang. I tried that Beta for a while, but it had too many kinks at the time. But I am thinking about going back to it, since it's a lot lighter than Gmail and enables you to "Send Later" and schedule mail, and track responses.

What innovations have you seen in mail? What are you using on your phone or desktop and why does it work for you?

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