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04.07.05 09:25 PM

gettin' grimy

grime is not as new as the label mongers - also known as the mainstream american media- would have us believe

case and point: so i'm in london - it's the early 90s - and i'm living it up in peckham - it's the bloody hood right - so i'm mainly doing some tourist attraction shit - until one day a native takes me up to this jam in the park - i don't know maybe it's brockwell park or something - maybe i was in brixton - i don't know - but it's the music scene where everything is happening - you know that soul II soul sound - so i hear some interesting music coming from this awesome sound system (more awesome than some systems i've seen in kingston even ) - it's like reggae, it's like dub, it's like house, it's like hip-hop - all mixed together - it's just music man - the people are jamming - and it's peace

in fact it sounded a lot like what rephlex calls grime - or a little of what roni size does mixed with a little of what slaughter mob does - but just not that futuristic yet - but definitely on some acid tip intermingled with some heavy electro soul

but if you like your grime in some caribbean patois/cockney hardcore biting east coast/west coast rhyme flows over skitter skatter breakbeats (a la dizee) or some lame nelly-flowing limey bloke rhyming every other stanza cat (a la the streets) then you can get your grime elsewhere

maybe you can go and cop that vice run the road ish - actually it ain't bad at all - but truth is it ain't new - damn stop labeling things already and propping them up like there's some new latest thing just b/c you've only recently discovered the sound

oh no, the music critics are coming to get me

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