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03.16.02 11:05 PM

george says, blog when you can

Thanks george for reminding me it doesn't matter who thinks my blog is wack, and that I am doing very important things with my life so I shouldn't be worried about when I can and can't blog. I really needed that. Between these tests I'm taking at school, the ill stuff going on in my relationship, and the writing deadlines that I'm still not meeting, I should care less about who the blood clot likes my blog. I got enough to worry about.

Damn, I gotta' start DJing again. Didn't realize how much I missed it. This was a stressful weekend at school, so when I came home I decided to set up two CD players and craft a mix on MD. Now I gotta' try and burn it to CD and share it with other folks. I am very proud of it, especially since I can't control the pitch/speed and other things like with a CD mixer or turntables. I simply used a mixer and two CD players. This mix came out really well, and I don't usually pat myself on the back about these things. But now I want to start rocking my vinyl again. Real bad. Gotta' get some new decks. The old ones had to go bye-bye. I'm listening to the mix as I type right now. It is packing so much heat I can't even stand myself. Damn.

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