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03.05.03 09:12 PM

from hardcore to multimedia

Lately, I have been watching and sharing how hip-hop has been covered in the mainstream press. As well, how the music and culture are making inroads into nearly every form of media. I am talking major business moves developing. Without hip-hop there would be no Chappelle show. Hey, there would not have been a Chris Rock show or Arsenio either. Believe that. And let's not even mention Ali G. Trust me I do not want to mention him. But seriously, things are definitely happening. 50 cent sold 872,000 copies of his CD with only four days of sales his first week. With that major coup he broke the record for first week sales of a debut artist. Sure R. Kel knocked him out of the #1 spot. Sure there has been a lot of hype surrounding him. He is down with the million-dollar man and ultimate producer. But I think all of this activity as of late is really saying something. Something significant that folks need to analyze. Even down to Todd Boyd's latest book, The New H.N.I.C.: The Death of Civil Rights and the Reign of Hip-Hop (NYU Press). Speaking of books, that is the latest topic of discussion in which you find hip-hop being mentioned. Hip-hop is having it's day in the world of publishing. Check it out...

"Rap, hardcore to hardcover ," by Rebecca Louie, Daily News, February 26, 2003 :
"Hip-hop culture has turned a page."

"The billion-dollar music genre, which already has the advertising and fashion businesses bouncing to its beat, has now infiltrated one of pop culture's less-frequented markets book publishing. Ranging from pricey coffee-table eye candy to practical reference and history books, the tomes are an effort to preserve hip-hop culture in more than just CDs and music videos."— More...

Bonus: sneak peak of Jay-Z interview in the April 2003 issue of Playboy. It actually looks like an interesting issue. I might have to cop that. (Remix: The April issue is no longer on the Playboy site, so you can't get the sneak peek. But it was an excellent interview. For one, Jay-Z plans to retire and he wants to run Universal.)

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