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06.28.02 01:37 AM

friday five

I've decided to be a conventional blogger and try out the friday five.

When was the last time you...

1. ...sent a handwritten letter?

Wow! A handwritten letter, by snail mail? It has been quite awhile. I've snail mailed a keyboard written letter. That doesn't count, does it? Handwritten? I'd say the closest thing was a journal I gave my ex back in December. We both exchanged journals and considered them daily letters to one another.

2. ...baked something from scratch or made something by hand?

When I was a teenager, I was always trying to impress my paternal grandmother. She was an extremely talented baker, and back then I thought I wanted to be just like her. So I would bake cakes, pies, and even cookies from my own recipes. Of course what I wanted was her approval. I can't even remember the last time that I considered baking since. As for making something by hand, well... I have never really thought of myself as an artisan or craftsperson, but I am in the process of creating a multimedia art piece based on the FCC's Seven Dirty Words and performance poet Sarah Jones' current legal battle with the FCC to clear her name. They banned her DJ Vadim produced, anti-misogynist poem/song, "Your Revolution," from the radio and labeled it indecent. The art work will show at an exhibit in my MBA in Media Management Program at Audrey Cohen College in New York. So far, I don't plan on using any computer generated materials for this piece, other than a JPEG image that Sarah Jones' people sent to me.

3. ...camped in a tent?

One summer, during my pre-teen years, my parents decided to send me to sleepaway. While most of the time was spent double bunking in cabins, one day we did go hiking, fishing, pitch a tent, and heat up smores over a toasty open campfire. I had forgotten all about that until now.

4. ...volunteered your time to church, school, or community?

I spent half of my life volunteering at church, since my family was deeply involved in our congregation. I have also worked with nonprofits, and while they were paid gigs, for the miniscule wages they paid me you might as well call it volunteer work. In that regard, I spent two years as a fostercare/adoption caseworker. And more recently, I taught basic computer skills to adult learners and also worked with a technology project that works with educators in community centers and settlement houses.

5. ...helped a stranger?

I suppose I do this one all the time. I am constantly giving strangers directions. And a couple of weeks ago, I helped a nanny, who had a cane, carry a stroller up the stairs. Also, since there are many homeless people around the neighborhood in which I live, I am often giving money away, purchasing something for someone, or giving them food to eat. Sometimes I am reluctant to help strangers though, because long ago I tried to help someone who ended up pickpocketing me.

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