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08.05.02 07:50 PM

freestyle fellowship

Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling like the Nappy Roots are like Goodie Mob Part II? Anyway, here's the freestyle AIM session with hardcore as promised. Some of it happened last week, and some of it today.

lynneluvah: this ain't no cabbage patch match/ out my mouth/ fire darts spray your back/ leaving you twisted and unwhole/ you ain't no spiritual rapper/ your rhymes ain't got no soul/ i'm getting bored/ somebody pass the remote control/ now you've entered the ring/ with a techie individual/ i'll hack your rhymes/ give 'em worms and viruses/ beat you with my third eye/ like that sun of osiris did/ don't you know who the blood clot i is/ like isis, hathor, and maat/ i'm the cybermamma in this here cast/ and if you dance with me/ you haffi finish last

Ambiv The Sinful: i'm so fly/flap my wings slow/and i go high/spit, wet you up with a verse/and watch you blow dry/shit/sometimes i feel like i'm cursed/i cast spells/ that spell words/that dwell on my pad/i'm so bad/that Mike/you be the one/i'm the two/Tito be like 99/ i'm so cool/my drool/makes rhyme pools/ and emcee chill in it/but i'm so cold they freeze/all my raps are frigid/i'm large and small digits/separated by commas/soon to be an eight figure nigga/ fuck Jigga

Ambiv The Sinful: i break fast for breakfuss/i fuss and exit/i hunch a heiffer naked/lunch and dinner be another sinner/but in between time/i fill the the gaps with lean rhymes/99% pure dope/no filler/9 to 5 making scrilla/scribbling rhymes on the leaves of/ trees resting in peace/piece together my words/observe/as i serve/herbs a style that plantinum plaque cats/can't match/it's like that/hardCore the cookie maker/watch me go/got tall stacks of chocolaty chips/I love dough/so if you see me go coo-coo/it ain't for Puff/down with Pac till I die/I hate that bad boy stuff

lynneluvah: when i enter a party i'm gonna turn it out/ i'm the type of chick nikka's brag about/ wanna don me on their arm/ keep my sheets warm/ and when i wake up in the morn/ i be like it's deaded be gone/ don't make me drop no bombs/ get irate and shuck you like corn/ nah it ain't no flase alarm/ and if you think i'm joking/ watch me bring the heat like that x-man storm

Ambiv The Sinful: brown taurus/in concrete forest/my bulls eye/eyes the bull market/and the one with the pull/kinda bull headed/the best/like Mike with the Bulls/i hate bullies/i bulled over bullies at school/i often bull shit/in Cali/ocean waves and a breeze/i drop the dopest shit without bending my knees/tell Nas he tripping/this world/i rule/and if you disagree/yo/you talking that bull

lynneluvah: i'm not no prada bytch/ talkin' that don dadda shyt/ i deals with real life issues/ i'm talking cells, membranes, and tissues/ like how that baby got born/ out of wedlock/ blueprint scripted/ life of hard knocks/ mamma pops rocks at the crack spot/ and baby daddy got locked/ ups and downs so the story goes/ not a chance in life/ like a snow ball in hell

Ambiv The Sinful: God said and then there was/power of words get blurred/beats race pens/words never win/earholes within/are finishlines/bass thumps for assholes in ignit line/for empty club/and you thought/only people front/just look out front/100 folks in line/ten people on the list/got the whole club to themselves/while the masses freeze out side/politics are political

lynneluvah: i flip the script, in other words text/ put em in context/ for the nappy heads to digest/ spitting verbs, nouns, metaphors and more/ multisyllable/ that's what i'm giving you/ dealing in similes constructed in pentameter/ like osama i hits hard when i damage ya'/ catch me out driving in a TT roadster/ top down/ sipping on some syrup/ wit my girls and dem in da background/ we ride mad blocks round town/ that's how we get down

Ambiv The Sinful: i got it bad and that ain't good, cause when i had it good i laughed at those who had it bad, i was tripping/ now i flip through my ex-files home alone sipping/ karma is the worst of the best of ass whippings/ i drink about her, stare at the past drift and think about her/ speak about her when around friends, go home and ink about her/ wishing God would sprinkle powder over my soul/ something magical to help a nikka get over her/ i'm stuck/ this rut that i'm in/ i can't win/ getting full, but feeling empty inside, i wanna hide/ to forget the hurt, i rip skirts/ but these ladies don't love me, and i don't love them/ next day i feel worst/ fill page with skilled verse/ burn sage to kill curse/ laying in my bed meditating, the phone rang/ my ex-file got a new man, says she loves him/ the cat she said was "Just A Friend?"/ guess he wasn't/ now in my trunk, i bump the Biz with a new understanding/ my favorite song? "Otha Fish" in the sea/ just the Pharcyde and me/ bait, and my fishing pole/ this shit i used to do for fun AIN'T fun i'm getting old/ i'm complex, like big words out of context/ like L.L. "when i'm alone in my room....."/ i often stare at the walls, big C, women luv me/ 3 of the D's baddest like me, it don't excite me/ 38-24..................and when they wiggle/ the 36 they got on the back slowly jiggles/ yo, i got it bad son....................and that ain't good/ so to the words of Whodini i groove/ "i guess it's better to have loved, and to have lost than to never have loved at all

lynneluvah: on a journey/backtrack to the past/ a story of love/ like how that shyt don't last/ promises, hearts broken/ words, apologies unspoken/ when love is good/ it's that food you need/ but when it's bad/ it pricks/ you bleed/ so today/ i play/ indifferent on the next/ calculate my cool steeze/ keep my emotions in check/ just learning not to expect/ but living life without regret/ cuz i can't circumvent/ yeah, what you give is what u get

For those of you just checking in, here is the first session that happened back in June.

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